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2012 Messages

Master Teacher Yeshua chose essays as his primary format for teaching. Shorter commentaries proved to be of value for Yeshua’s brief messages and as answers to questions posed by readers.

01/2012 – Elves – An Introduction For Parents, Gardeners and Others
The Elven Kingdom is separate from the Angelic/Devic Kingdom. Yeshua introduces us to elven characteristics and functions.

02/2012 – Planning The Shift – A Collaboration
An event as far-reaching as the shift is not an accident, nor is it unplanned.

03/2012 – Co-Partner Mother Earth – Inescapable Oneness
Boundaries between countries are drawn by humans on the surface of Mother Earth. Who owns the aquifer that runs deep beneath those boundaries?

03/2012 – The Energy That Sustains Oneness 12C-03 (Commentary)
Yeshua responds to a reader’s question about our ability to alter the energy system that sustains Oneness.

04/2012 – Your Heart – Doorway To Your Soul
Yeshua puts the role of the mind in quick perspective and explains the vital role of the heart-soul connection.

04/2012 – Are We Asking the Universe For More Of The Same? 12C-04 (Commentary)
Our commitment to balance, harmony and restoration makes all the difference.

05/2012 – Soul Groups – A Perspective on Citizenship
An explanation of soul groups that clarifies the various soul groups to which we belong and brings home the adage “as above, so below.”

06/2012 – Preparing For The Shift
As we move into the shift, Yeshua helps us understand how we can embrace the vibrational changes without fear – and to help others do the same.

12/2012 – Resizing Your Family
Yeshua and two guest speakers, Master Kuthumi and Lord Tabor, ask some hard questions about our concepts of “family” as we navigate the shift and lay the foundation for the New Civilization.