About TFAM
No matter where you are on your personal spiritual journey,
you are likely to find messages on ThoughtsFromAMaster that resonate with you.
TFAM – A Brief History

ThoughtsFromAMaster.com is Master Teacher Yeshua’s website. He gave it this name so that it might be of use to another master teacher if/when Yeshua moved on to other work.

As it turned out, ThoughtsFromAMaster became a test run to see if it was feasible for multiple teachers to launch WeSeekToServe working through only one channel until a channeling team could be assembled. The history of the two sites is intertwined. You can meet the original channel below.

Two Websites – Teachers from On and Off Earth

The journey of two websites began in 2010 when Master Teacher Yeshua requested a website for his teachings.

2011 – TFAM Launches

Master Teacher Yeshua began dictating for Thoughts From A Master in fourth quarter of 2010. His website launched in March of 2011.

2012 – WSTS Launches

In the summer of 2011, Master Teacher Kuthumi, speaking for a group of nine master teachers, requested another website. The group of master teachers wished to offer individual opinions on the same topic to demonstrate diversity within unity. In January of 2012, WSTS launched.

2013 – TFAM and WSTS Welcome Off-Earth Allies, New Channels

In 2013, Off-Earth Allies who were working with Earth’s Community of Spiritual Masters joined the master teachers in delivering messages on both TFAM and WSTS.

Also in 2013, a channeling team, including the TFAM channel, was assembled for WSTS. TFAM continued with only the original channel.

Each website offered different advantages for those on personal spiritual journeys. One of TFAMs major advantages was commentaries that responded to specific questions from readers – questions that were applicable to others as well as themselves.

2013 – Yeshua Closes TFAM

By fall of 2013, Yeshua decided that he would deliver his messages on WSTS. His final message on TFAM was December, 2013. He wanted TFAM to remain as a legacy site, for his teachings did not lose value. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite that easy.

2014 – WSTS Begins Publishing in both English and Spanish

2016 – TFAM Teachings Lost to the Internet

Due to technical difficulties experienced in 2016, TFAM in its original form became unavailable on the Internet.

2018 – WSTS Changes From Panel Discussions to Newsletter

2019 – TFAM Returns – With Enhancements

In the summer of 2019 ThoughtsFromAMaster.com returns. Valuable teachings are once again available – with enhancements!

  • The current site offers access to teachings from Yeshua and colleagues by category as well as by sequential publication date.
  • Brief information about Yeshua’s 16 guest speakers is available on this site with a link to more detailed information.
  • Master Teacher Yeshua’s biography and articles he has dictated about himself are gathered for easy reference.

It is true: No matter where you are on your personal spiritual journey, you are likely to find messages that resonate with you.

Meet the Original Channel

Sharon K. Richards had channeled in previous lives. Before she was born into this life, Master Teacher Yeshua took out an option for her to become one of his channels if her potential developed again. When she proved to him that she had the ability to hear him clearly, he asked her if she was willing to channel him. She said yes and her training began.

Sharon’s journey is beyond the norm because most individuals who channel include the channeling mission as part of their life plan. They are prepared before birth.

With Sharon, channeling was only an option and she was not prepared pre-birth. Her journey therefore is quite different from the norm. She relates that journey, including a good deal of information about the perspective that master teachers have on channels and channeling, in Voices for the Ascended Masters – Masters don’t view channeling the way we do. (Available from Amazon in paperback and e-book format.)