You and Your Soul
You and Your Soul

Explore a few of the facts, challenges, limitations and relationships that affect you and your soul.

03/2011 – Purpose, Intentions and Other Soul Commitments (Commentary)
Explains the way Yeshua defines the terms soul purpose, soul intentions, soul contract and soul agreement.

03/2011 – Soul Purpose and Free Will
Discussion of a soul’s ultimate purpose, this-life purpose and the effect of free will on both.

07/2011 – Inner Plane Advocacy System and Life Plane Shifts
Introduces the inner plane advocate role and why one soul might speak up on behalf of another.

08/2011 – Soul Mate, Twin Souls and Split Souls
Provides definitions of these relationships, with examples of how they play out in incarnation.

10/2011 – Two Views On Heaven
Heaven is more than where we go after we die. Even then, heaven is not what most people expect.

04/2012 – Your Heart – Doorway To Your Soul
Yeshua puts the role of the mind in quick perspective and explains the vital role of the heart-soul connection.

05/2012 – Soul Groups – A Perspective On Citizenship
An explanation of soul groups that clarifies the various soul groups to which we belong and brings home the adage “as above, so below.”

12/2012 – Resizing Your Family
Yeshua and two guest speakers, Master Kuthumi and Lord Tabor, ask some hard questions about our concepts of “family” as we navigate the shift and lay the foundation for the New Civilization.

02/2013 – Adventuresome Souls And Hidden Fears
How can we recognize the symptom of hidden fears? Why is it useful to become fully conscious of what those fears are? Yeshua and guest speaker, Master Morya, provide some insights.

04/2013 – The Ultimate Ascension (Commentary)
In response to a reader’s question, Yeshua gives us his opinion of exactly what the ultimate ascension is.

09/2013 – Shared Souls: On Contacting Your Brother-Sister Split (Commentary)
A reader asks about the advisibility of contacting the individual who shares the her soul. The Panelist Group and a triad who prefers to be called Geoff each respond.