Concepts for Spiritual Growth
Concepts for Spiritual Growth

Wrapping your mental and intuitive perceptions around new ideas is not always easy. The process can lead to either acceptance or rejection. Either way, the process itself is an experience in spiritual growth.

04/2011 – Ascension and Ascended Masters
Focused discussion of the first (soft) ascension and the role of Ascended Masters.

04/2011 – Humanity’s Inner Shift (Commentary)
Discusses the shift that must take place within humanity in response to the spiritual shift for Mother Earth.

05/2011 – Oneness
With imagery, Yeshus explains the beauty of the Oneness in which we all live.

06/2011 – Personal Creative Power and Oneness
Discusses our power to create/destroy thought-forms and thus our power to strengthen/weaken Oneness.

06/2011 – On God (Commentary)
Paints a word portrait of God using images accessible to all.

09/2011 – Discernment, Judgment, Forgiveness
Discusses the fine line between discernment and judgment and at what point forgiveness enters the picture.

10/2011 – Angels and The Power of Thought-Forms
Every major religion has its own definition of the Angelic Hierarchy. We work with angels daily.

10/2011 – Two Views On Heaven (Commentary)
Heaven is more than where we go after we die. Even then, heaven is not what most people expect.

11/2011 – Movies – Your Personal Barometer
Yeshua poses some very interesting questions about our movie-watching habits.

12/2011 – New Attitudes: The Search For Balance (Commentary)
Yeshua has definite opinions about the need for balance between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

03/2012 – Co-Partner Mother Earth – Inescapable Oneness
Boundaries between countries are drawn by humans on the surface of Mother Earth. Who owns the aquifer that runs deep beneath those boundaries?

03/2012 – The Energy That Sustains Oneness (Commentary)
Yeshua responds to a reader’s question about our ability to alter the energy system that sustains Oneness.

12/2012 – Resizing Your Family
Yeshua and two guest speakers, Master Kuthumi and Lord Tabor, ask some hard questions about our concepts of “family” as we navigate the shift and lay the foundation for the New Civilization.

04/2013 – The Ultimate Ascension (Commentary)
In response to a reader’s question, Yeshua gives us his opinion of exactly what the ultimate ascension is.

08/2013 – On Prayer (Commentary)
Mother Mary responds to a reader’s questions about prayer. To whom does one pray? How does one pray?

11/2013 – Love Denied
Master Yeshua and guest speakers – Master Morya, Omstara from the constellation Cygnus and Anubis from Sirius – bring light to the consequences of spiritual love denied.