The Other Side of the Veil
The Other Side of the Veil

Yeshua and guest speakers give us a look at how things work in their world – the world we came from and the one we’re headed for.

03/2011 – New Partnership With Humanity (Commentary)
Master Teacher Yeshua explains the dynamic partnership that he and other members of the Spiritual Hierarchy are forging with humanity. He uses this site as an example.

03/2011 – Working Through Channels (Commentary)
Discusses when and how someone becomes a candidate for channeling as well as the advantages and disadvantages of channel residue.

04/2011 – Ascension and Ascended Masters
Focused discussion of the first (soft) ascension and the role of Ascended Masters.

07/2011 – Inner Plane Advocacy System and Life Plane Shifts
Introduces the inner plane advocate role and why one soul might speak up on behalf of another.

01/2012 – Elves – An Introduction For Parents, Gardeners and Others
The Elven Kingdom is separate from the Angelic/Devic Kingdom. Yeshua introduces us to elven characteristics and functions.

02/2012 – Planning The Shift – A Collaboration
An event as far-reaching as the shift is not an accident, nor is it unplanned.

04/2012 – Are We Asking the Universe For More Of the Same? (Commentary)
Our commitment to balance, harmony and restoration makes all the difference.

03/2013 – Humanity’s Off-Earth Allies
Yeshua introduces the topic of humanity’s allies from beyond Earth and speaks of their friendship with the Community of Spiritual Masters. Keymy’yana-ka, one of our Off-Earth Allies, is guest speaker.

04/2013 – The Ultimate Ascension (Commentary)
In response to a reader’s question, Yeshua gives us his opinion of exactly what the ultimate ascension is.

06/2013 – Is It Possible To Work With Off-Earth Allies? (Commentary)
In response to a reader’s question, Ken’u, head of the Stellar Council working here on Earth, discusses vivid dreams that are actually memories.