Issues We Face Today
Issues We Face Today

Readers have presented some tough and controversial questions. Yeshua and his colleagues gently and lovingly respond. Yeshua also presents an issue that no one asked about, but which cannot be overlooked.

05/2011 – Fukushima (Commentary)
Yeshua connects the nuclear crisis in Japan with the Oneness of humanity, and the decisions humanity makes.

09/2011 – Abortion, Euthanasia And Karma (Commentary)
Yeshua comments on two of today’s most polarized issues.

11/2011 – Addiction (Commentary)
Questions from a reader about addiction and soul intent as well as what can be done in a world where addictions abound. The reader who asked the question responds to Yeshua’s explanation.

03/2012 – Co-Partner Mother Earth – Inescapable Oneness
Boundaries between countries are drawn by humans on the surface of Mother Earth. Who owns the aquifer that runs deep beneath those boundaries?