Yeshua Speaks About Himself

In all the teachings and comments Master Teacher Yeshua has channeled to us on ThoughtsFromAMaster and WeSeekToServe, he rarely speaks about himself. When he does, one must listen with an open mind because what he tells us can be deeply upsetting to long-held beliefs. What we find is a teacher who was drawn into a whirlwind of divinity and a role he never intended.

None of that devalues the love and wisdom he shared so long ago and shares with us today from the inner planes.

Let us start with what he says about his name.

On My Name
a commentary from
Master Teacher Yeshua


Sharon: How shall I sign the “Thoughts From A Master” essays?

Response: I think I would sign them Master Yeshua. And I think I will explain.

Yeshua is the closest rendition of my name. Jeshua is a variation of Yeshua. These are the names that were appropriate when I lived as the Nazarene. Jesus is the Greek rendition of Jeshua, but Yeshua takes me deepest into my Hebrew origins, into my roots as a Hebrew.

Therefore I would choose these messages, these thoughts to be coming from Master Yeshua. My spiritual friends, my colleagues, most often call me Master Yeshua. We refer to each other using the honorific for the most part. Some of us do not, but for the most part, we do.

After 2000 years it is time for me to publically reclaim the name that is appropriate to my life as a Nazarene, and as I reclaim the name Yeshua, I would reclaim the truth of my teachings then.

Since then I have had 2000 years of learning, 2000 years of observation, 2000 years of guiding humanity, 2000 years of responsibility. I have learned and grown in those 2000 years. I would wish you all to learn and grow and, as it were, reclaim your name. Reclaim your name and become the soul that you are.

That is what I would advise. Do not let another name you. Name yourself. Name yourself. Do not spurn those who know you by another name that was given to you. So all of you who know me as Jesus and are comfortable with me as Jesus, I would say to you that you have my love, you have my compassion, you have my respect. But my name is Yeshua.

And I acknowledge all the prayers, all the comments – except perhaps when my name is used as cursing! But I would tell you my name is Jeshua / Yeshua. If you choose not to use that name, there is no barrier at all between us. You may use the name you choose – and I, too, will use the name I choose. I will identify myself by the name you choose because that is a courtesy I offer. My thoughts, however, will be signed with the name I choose. And I choose the name under which I provided the teachings. I choose Yeshua.

Jeshua is known and comfortable for many. And, when I am naming myself, I prefer Jeshua. For “Thoughts From A Master” I will use, however, Yeshua. Master Yeshua. Because that will wake people up to the fact that just as my name has been reworked, so have my teachings. And I would reclaim both.

Master Yeshua
(ThoughtsFromAMaster Commentary from March, 2011)

Excerpt from Many Traditions, Many Gods


One of the WeSeekToServe readers asked about God, given that gods are perceived and worshipped so differently through time and around the world. The panelists on WSTS responded with a discussion in May of 2012 titled “Many Traditions, Many Gods.”

Below are excerpts from Yeshua’s contribution.

Master Yeshua …

I wanted to speak to this topic because, unfortunately – and I do mean that from the bottom of my heart – unfortunately, I have been turned into deity. I am not. I want to make that clear from the start. I am not. I am not God.

I am not a god any more than one of you reading these messages. I set soul intentions, and I wished to bring humanity a message, a message of hope, a message that would invite people to look inward and know the God within before they looked outward.

I was dealing with the culture who acknowledged there was one God, and I will go along with you today. There is but one Creator, one Source. There is but Oneness. Yet we are all creators.

That, too, has been covered in what my colleagues have said. But part of being human is recognizing in what way you are related to this one Source, and that way is best described as parent-child. That is the closest that can come to understanding, and yet it is far, far more than parent-child.

Those who bring messages for the spiritual growth of humanity, those who bring those messages have set an intention to bring those messages. It is a soul intention, it is a life plan. And they are aided. I was aided, by my soul, and by those of my colleagues who were farther down the path than I was. You will see this pattern over, and over, and over, and over again. This is part of the Divinity manifesting, that those who have more – be it more experience, or wisdom, or resources – when they realize their relationship to the Creator, they turn around and they share, and they help those who are not so far as they are.

. . .

You create your own environment, and when you create your own environment you can be your own blessing and you can be your own judge.

You might consider who is left if you take away from the “deities of Earth” those beings who came back in order to bring a message. They were not gods. They were human beings who had advanced to the point where they wished to share their wisdom and help humanity find a better way, help humanity out of the dark spot, show a way forward. The path they showed might not be a way everyone will use, but it was a way forward for a large body.

That’s all I was trying to do. That is all I was trying to do.

Excerpts from Yeshua’s Biography


Am I God? No.
Am I the only begotten son of God? No.
Am I a child of God. Yes, and so is every human being on Earth.

For 2,000 years there have been stories – scrolls, books, codices – speaking of that life and the teachings of that life. I would venture to say that if you pulled together all the works in every language that explain that life and explain the teachings of that life and explain the schools of thought that have grown from the teachings of that life, you would need a rather large building to hold the physical library. The electronic age makes holding that much information quite a bit easier.

I have been depicted in paintings, in sculptures, and I would say that I don’t think any of them have it right, and many of them, to some degree, are not far off. So there are many expectations as I return. I think the most difficult challenge will be convincing people that I am who I say I am and that is because of that big building with all those books and all those authors who say they know who I was and what I taught and what I meant by what I said and what I look like, because in their heart they have a vision of what I look like, because that is the image that gives them comfort. If you put all that together, it is quite clear that I cannot be what everyone expects me to be. So I will repeat: Chances are I am not who you think I am.

When I return, I shall simply be who I am and deliver, once again, the message that I intended to deliver then. I would like to make two things clear that will prove, I think, disappointing to some and shocking to others.

First, I am not the world savior. I never was. Never.
Secondly, I have not returned to judge anyone.

I was then, and am now, a teacher – a teacher who is 2,000 years wiser for having studied for 2,000 years more, a teacher who is 2,000 years wiser for having guided various individuals from behind the scenes for 2,000 years.

What I would like known most is this:
Had my teachings been understood, there would not have been one drop of blood spilled in my name. Not one.

Had my teachings been understood, this world would be a different place than it is today.

Had my teachings been understood, there would be far fewer church rules, far fewer hymns of glory to me and far more (I will simply call it) distribution of caring. There would be far fewer cathedrals and far more people who were fed both physically and spiritually.

And no one would be denied access to the love that I brought the world. No one.