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2013 Messages

Master Teacher Yeshua chose essays as his primary format for teaching. Shorter commentaries proved to be of value for Yeshua’s brief messages and as answers to questions posed by readers.

02/2013 – Adventuresome Souls And Hidden Fears
How can we recognize the symptom of hidden fears? Why is it useful to become fully conscious of what those fears are? Yeshua and guest speaker, Master Morya, provide some insights.

02/2013 – Milestone 2013 REPRINT (Commentary)
Yeshua gives us a preview of the changes in store for us in 2013 and beyond.

03/2013 – Humanity’s Off-Earth Allies
Yeshua introduces the topic of humanity’s allies from beyond Earth and speaks of their friendship with the Community of Spiritual Masters. Keymy’yana-ka, one of our Off-Earth Allies, is guest speaker.

04/2013 – Milestone 2013 – Work In Process
Yeshua updates us on the events he predicted in July of 2011. Philohstan, one of our Off-Earth Allies is guest speaker.

04/2013 – The Ultimate Ascension (Commentary)
In response to a reader’s question, Yeshua gives us his opinion of exactly what the ultimate ascension is.

06/2013 – Incarceration
Yeshua speaks of the ways humanity is imprisoned in our current civilization. He, and guest spaker Master Serapis Bey, speak frankly of the current situation and what it will take to lay a solid foundation for the new civilization.

06/2013 – Is It Possible To Work With Off-Earth Allies? (Commentary)
In response to a reader’s question, Ken’u, head of the Stellar Council working here on Earth, discusses vivid dreams that are actually memories.

07/2013 – Societal Enforcement: A Powerful Tool In Transition
Yeshua and guest speaker Sho seek to raise our awareness of the many ways society enforces its rules, beliefs and acceptable truths. They contrast todays enforcements with the approaches that will evolve with the new civilization.

08/2013 – Healing And The Art Of Living In A Time Of Transition – As Experienced in Off-Earth Cultures
Yeshua invites guest speakers Omstara (Cygnus) and Sho (the Pleiades) to share their histories of consciousness expansion and transition. They offer us an inside peek at their past civilizations, and the commonalities with Earth today are evident.

08/2013 – On Prayer (Commentary)
Mother Mary responds to a reader’s questions about prayer. To whom does one pray? How does one pray?

09/2013 – The Relationship Spiral
Master Yeshua and his guest speakers – Philohstan from the constellation Aquila and Derisum from the constellation Orion – discuss re-establishing relationships with humanity, who has amnesia regarding the relationships that once existed with both Masters and Allies.

09/2013 – Shared Souls: On Contacting Your Brother-Sister Split (Commentary)
A reader asks about the advisibility of contacting the individual who shares the her soul. The Panelist Group and a triad who prefers to be called Geoff each respond.

10/2013 – Reclamation
Master Yeshua and guest speakers – Philohstan from the constellation Aquila and Sho from the Pleiades – address the concept of reclamation from three different perspectives, ranging from glactic level to the very personal. Yet each perspective applies to humanity today as we experience the shift and organize to build a new civilization.

11/2013 – Love Denied
Master Yesnua and guest speakers – Master Morya, Omstara from the constellation Cygnus and Anubis from Sirius – bring light to the consequences of spiritual love denied.

12/2013 – Transition To A New Earth
Master Yeshua and guest speakers – Sirius Minor from Sirius, Quan Yin and Master Djwhal Khul – speak to the joys and realities we face as we transition to a new civilization here on Earth.