About Guest Speakers
About Guest Speakers

Beginning in December of 2012, Yeshua invited guest speakers from the Community of Spiritual Masters and from among our Off-Earth Allies.

We have elder brothers and sisters in civilizations strewn throughout the cosmos and many of our distant kin have been visiting Earth for eons. They are deeply integrated into humanity’s history. Those currently working with the Community of Spiritual Masters have come to Earth to advise and guide us as we lay the foundation for a new civilization.

More details, bios, background and often a glance at a favorite or informative past life is available.

Community Of Master Teachers
Community Of Master Teachers
Lord Tabor

Lord Tabor’s focus is the ecology of mountains. He works with the mineral kingdom and with the devas who are the builders of mountains.

Master Djwhal Khul

Master Djwhal Khul is a teacher of teachers. He focuses on delivering ancient wisdom core truths to anyone he can – truths that will one day be commonly accepted.

Master Kuthumi

Master Kuthumi’s focus is humanity’s spiritual progress, our understanding of soul continuity and the rhythm of Life Experience followed by Between Life, followed by Life.

Master Morya

Master Morya’s focus is opening eyes and reaching the wisdom of humanity’s leaders so that they change what must change, dismantle what must go, and save what must be saved.

Master Serapis Bey

Currently focused on guiding us, as painlessly as possible, from outdated institutions to those that create a sustainable environment for humanity’s spiritual growth.

Mother Mary

Mother Mary’s current focus is building a basis for improving relationships through love, compassion and support for mothers and children — all in the context of Oneness.

Panelist Group

The Panelist Group is composed of all panelists. They merge and speak with a single voice. They oversee our websites and our FaceBook page.

Quan Yin

Quan Yin focuses on the patient, compassionate healing of relationships that have been long fractured. Her specialty is Earth’s relationships with our space brethren.

Off-Earth Allies
Off-Earth Allies

Anubis comes to Earth from Sirius. Yet for as long as his memory extends, he has been part of Earth culture, or at the fringe.


Derisum is from Orion. His focus is culture and the fruitful interaction between cultures that develops the soul.


Ken’u is from Lyra. He is head of the Stellar Council that works with planet Earth. Their focus is the evolution of humanity.


Keymy’yana-ka is from an unnamed star cluster. She came to help stabilize energies that the Community of Masters requested from their Allies.


Omstara comes from Cygnus. Her work here is balancing energies. She assists the Community in building progressive movements.


Philohstan is from Aquila. He is a philosopher who travels the galaxy. He shares the commonalities he discovers, helping each culture to recognize the Oneness of Creation.


Sho is from the Pleiades and represents them on Earth’s Stellar Council. He works with several groups of humans who are ready and willing to expand their consciousnes.

Sirius Minor

Sirius Minor is from Sirius and is a member of Earth’s Stellar Council. Sirius Minor works with the scientific community in search of developments that aid humanity’s progress.