Master Teacher Yeshua
Master Yeshua

Master Yeshua’s focus is in the process of shifting. He will be working with both religious and non-religious groups who are able to support humanity’s spiritual progress.

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I said I would like an icon that reflects my love for the sea. There were two I liked very much and I thank the editor who provided me with these options.


Chances are I am not who you think I am.

My name is YeSHUa. It is a Jewish name for in the life the world remembers today I was born into a Jewish family. In pre-incarnation planning, I accepted a mission to deliver messages intended to enlighten members of the human family to their relationship with each other, with their own soul and with God, the Creator of this universe.

The bulk of the world today still knows me by the Greek name that was given to me, and that is Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth. I do and will continue to answer to those who call me Jesus and Jeshua, but my name is Yeshua. Now how did I get that name? Well, I think it is perhaps obvious to some that it is quite simple. Once we become full members of the Community of Spiritual Masters, we keep the name of our last necessary incarnation on the planet Earth and my final incarnation was that of Yeshua of Nazareth.

My spiritual life on Earth began when I came with a group of volunteers during your Lemurian history. The being you know as Lord Maitreya and I came together. The expedition we were on was staged from the Pleiades. My spiritual life, my life as a spiritual being, began on a planet circling a sun very near the outer rim of this galaxy.

I spent a good deal of time there. I moved from there to work with a group called the Sesplenians. They are weavers of lives. During incarnation, everyone has conscious access to who they were and who anyone else was and how their lives were interwoven. They work on the tapestry of unity by understanding how all these lives interweave and by understanding the effect of that interweaving on their total culture. I learned much from them.

And from there, I spent some time in the Pleiades. Yet it was when I was in the Orion system that I first met the being you know as Lord Maitreya and we have worked together considerably since then.

Am I God? No.
Am I the only begotten son of God? No.
Am I a child of God. Yes, and so is every human being on Earth.

I have had several lives on Earth, lives of consequence, lives with names you would find in various histories. Edgar Cayce had a very good grip on the most prominent among them and you can check that source. It is the culminating life that is the best known and I would say, without any doubt, the most influential of my lives within the human family of Earth.

For 2,000 years there have been stories – scrolls, books, codices – speaking of that life and the teachings of that life. I would venture to say that if you pulled together all the works in every language that explain that life and explain the teachings of that life and explain the schools of thought that have grown from the teachings of that life, you would need a rather large building to hold the physical library. The electronic age makes holding that much information quite a bit easier.

I have been depicted in paintings, in sculptures, and I would say that I don’t think any of them have it right, and many of them, to some degree, are not far off. So there are many expectations as I return. I think the most difficult challenge will be convincing people that I am who I say I am and that is because of that big building with all those books and all those authors who say they know who I was and what I taught and what I meant by what I said and what I look like, because in their heart they have a vision of what I look like, because that is the image that gives them comfort. If you put all that together, it is quite clear that I cannot be what everyone expects me to be. So I will repeat: Chances are I am not who you think I am.

When I return, I shall simply be who I am and deliver, once again, the message that I intended to deliver then. I would like to make two things clear that will prove, I think, disappointing to some and shocking to others.

First, I am not the world savior. I never was. Never.
Secondly, I have not returned to judge anyone.

I was then, and am now, a teacher – a teacher who is 2,000 years wiser for having studied for 2,000 years more, a teacher who is 2,000 years wiser for having guided various individuals from behind the scenes for 2,000 years.

What I would like known most is this:
Had my teachings been understood, there would not have been one drop of blood spilled in my name. Not one.

Had my teachings been understood, this world would be a different place than it is today.

Had my teachings been understood, there would be far fewer church rules, far fewer hymns of glory to me and far more (I will simply call it) distribution of caring. There would be far fewer cathedrals and far more people who were fed both physically and spiritually.

And no one would be denied access to the love that I brought the world. No one.

So you see, I have quite a task before me. And I must make it clear I am not here to judge anyone, in any way, but I am here with my colleagues as part of the team who will offer information and advice and guidance with love and respect for the human family of Earth. The decisions resulting from our information, advice and guidance will be yours.

Our sustaining love is yours for the asking.

Thank you.
Yeshua of Nazareth

Favorite or Significant Past Life

One of my most significant lives was one that was most traumatic. I was, in that life, a female child, a girl, who was killed in war, whose parents were killed in war – a child who experienced trauma and helplessness because of the violence and chaos in which she lived, the violence and chaos that lived in the minds and the emotions of those adults she looked to for protection and nurturing.

That life left an indelible impression on my soul, and every time I am called by a child in the middle of a war, I remember that life.

That life is an inspiration to me to continue to work with humanity. I continue to work with the groups who can bring humanity out of a “let’s make war” mindset and into realization of the Christ Consciousness within, and the importance of working together in building environments and institutions in which no child ever has to experience that kind of violence on the physical, emotional and mental planes, that kind of chaos on the physical, emotional and mental planes, but rather an environment where every child has the opportunity to grow spiritually and recognize the Christ Consciousness within.

Humans need not believe in God to do that. They need only believe in what is right for humanity.

That is what I have to say about a significant past life.

Thank you very much.