When We Start The Conversation

Members of the channeling team have asked Yeshua a variety of questions, from current events to ancient wisdom. He wishes to keep these exchanges separate from the series of spiritual essays he delivers. So we created the "Commentaries" page.

You, too, are invited to ask questions appropriate to share with other readers. Send an email to QuestionsForYeshua@ThoughtsFromAMaster.com.

Commentary List

Commentaries from prior years can be found in the Archives.

Shared Souls: On Contacting Your Brother-Sister Split (september 2013)

A reader asks about the advisibility of contacting the individual who shares the her soul. The Panelist Group and a triad who prefers to be called Geoff each respond.

(august 2013)

Mother Mary responds to a reader's questions about prayer. To whom does one pray? How does one pray?

Is It Possible To Work With Off-Earth Allies?
(june 2013)

In response to a reader's question, Ken'u, head of the Stellar Council working here on Earth, discusses vivid dreams that are actually memories.

The Ultimate Ascension
(april, 2013)

In response to a reader's question, Yeshua gives us his opinion of exactly what the ultimate ascension is.

Milestone 2013
(february 2013)

Republished from July of 2011. 2012 was a year of transition. Yeshua gives us a preview of the changes in store for us in 2013 and beyond.



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