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“As children of God, we are One. It is my hope that you find this site useful for your personal spiritual path.” – Master Yeshua

LATEST NEWS -December 2013

The uplifting and very exciting news is that Master Yeshua will soon be walking among us as Master Yeshua – no disguise, no pseudonym. He will be part of the Earth Advisors’ team, a group of five who are stepping forward to establish an open partnership with humanity. Yeshua will reclaim his name and his teachings.

He does not return to judge, but to shine a light on humanity’s way forward. How could one possibly feel a pang of regret at a time like this?

The regret is not for his coming, but for the resulting changes that must be made to enable him to devote his attention to the work of his team. One of those choices is that he discontinue contributing to this website. The site itself will remain, but there will be very little – if any – new material posted here.

So while the production team celebrates Yeshua coming more publically out into the world, we acknowledge with regret that ThoughtsFromAMaster will no longer be a platform for his teachings.

You will hear from him as he contributes primarily to WeSeekToServe.com but also to NickBunick.com. (Nick is the reincarnation of the Apostle Paul. They will be working together again.)  And of course there will be public appearances, but details are yet to be worked out by the Earth Advisors.

Information about the Earth Advisors and their work will appear on WeSeekToServe.com.

The production staff wishes to thank our loyal readers, Master Yeshua’s guests and, most of all, Master Yeshua himself for sharing his wisdom and answering our questions.

We wish Master Yeshua and the entire Earth Advisors team a warm, loving welcome and a great deal of success. We welcome, with deep gratitude, their open presence among us.

Original Home Page Information – FYI

Master Yeshua / Jeshua, who is best known for his life as Jesus of Nazareth, is a member of the Community of Spiritual Masters, elder brothers and sisters who have guided the evolution of this planet from behind the scenes of everyday life for countless eons.

On this site, Master Yeshua guides and informs us. He answers readers’ questions, provided those questions are applicable to all. He holds up a mirror so that we can know ourselves as not only incarnating human beings on a spiritual journey, but also as the souls we truly are. That means looking deep inside to the Spark of God that lives within each one of us, the Spark of God that unites us in Oneness with each other and with all of Creation. He calls us to the task of manifesting that Spark of God here on Earth and he shines a light upon our way.

This is Yeshua’s site, but no Master truly works alone and Masters in the Community have not guided Humanity alone all these eons. Since December of 2012, Yeshua has invited guest speakers from either the Community of Spiritual Masters or from among our Off-Earth Allies. It is known to many of us that we have elder brothers and sisters in civilizations strewn throughout the cosmos and many of our distant kin have been visiting Earth for eons. They are deeply integrated into Humanity’s history. We call them our Off-Earth allies, for allies they are. They have come to Earth to advise and guide us as we lay the foundation for a new civilization.

The channeling and production team who brings you this site invites you to explore the wisdom of the Essays, and urges you not to overlook the Commentary section where you’ll find answers to questions posed by readers.

Read, learn, and expand your consciousness – remembering that if you expand your consciousness, you de facto expand the consciousness of all Humanity.


The ThoughtsFromAMaster Channeling and Production Team

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